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New Loukia Press is an established printing office in Cyprus that has been playing a dominant role in the printing industry for more than twenty years by providing high-end printing services and exceeding customers’ expectations.

Utilizing the most hi-tech printing equipment and employing highly advanced techniques we offer the extra added value to the products of our customers. We offer exceptional services in the offset, digital and eco printing adapted to your needs.

Our philosophy is incorporated in our brand and our brand is the reason why we exist !


New Loukia Press is a contemporary and a family-owned printing company in Cyprus that has been serving in the printing market for more than 25 years.

Throughout the numerous years in business the company and staff of New Loukia Press have gained a significant amount of experience and expertise which helps us to deal successfully with every customer’s demands and expectations.  In order to achieve this accomplishment New Loukia Press has amongst other things invested heavily in new equipment, technological know-how and other innovative production methods.

Our mission is to get established as one of the leading and most progressive printing offices in the Cypriot market by offering a complete set of printing services ranging from both offset and digital printing to ecological printing.

New Loukia Press has also been working extensively with the most established advertising offices in the market and has built its brand name throughout numerous distinctive projects.

Reasons to choose and trust New Loukia Press

  • Our long-lasting reputation has been built on the basis of absolute quality and service.
  • We do not only print, we also consult and create strong relationships with our customers.
  • As a family-owned company we tend to approach our customers with intimacy and understanding.
  • We specialize in the production of complex printings and we employ advanced techniques unique to the market.
  • Throughout the years we have been trusted by a great number of well-established companies in the Cypriot market as well as by all the major advertising agencies.


Creative Design


“Creative Services available that exceed your expectations.”

Offset Printing


“We do what we do to meet your demands 100%”

Digital Printing


“Explore the world of digital printing now”

Specialised Technqiques


“Give excellence to your printings by utilizing our in-house specialized techniques”

Custom Made Creations


“Meeting the needs of our clients”

Green and Eco Printing


“Be creative, be ecological !Find out more about ecological printing here!”



+357 22 316296
+357 22 312203
48 C&D Kyriakou Matsi Avenue Ayioi Omologites
1082, Nicosia

Working hours
Monday to Thursday: 8.00 a.m – 4.30 p.m
Friday: 8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m